Randy Morgan is an award-winning bronze sculpture artist who specializes in handcrafted bronze doors, architectural elements and public art pieces. His works are inspired by his love for nature, history and unique art mediums.

As far back as he can remember, Randy burned with a passion for the arts. His talents were first recognized by his family when he was a child, as his father would bring home large rolls of paper from his print shop and quickly find Randy immersed in a drawing project. Randy would spend hour upon hour drawing breathtaking landscapes and detailed portraits of his sports heroes, cowboys and Indians.

Destiny eventually paired Randy with Carl Abel, a world renowned wood carver who escaped the oppression of World War II Europe. Abel took an interest in Randy’s artistic sense and taught Randy the ancient art.

Over the next several years, Randy combined Abel’s techniques with his own evolving artistic sense and new found love for bronze casting and soon found his works gracing residential, commercial and public arenas throughout the world.

In January of 2008 the all-new Randy Morgan Tile Collection was released, featuring 30 unique bronze cast tiles to be used in elegant home, hotel and outdoor settings. These tiles are now available to distributors and are customizable to fit any setting.

In addition to designing custom doors and tiles, Randy receives commissions for works of art. Recent commissions include a bronzed wall depicting the history and natural beauty of the Sacramento River region for the Lundberg Family Farms visitors' center; "The Waterman's Wall" – a bronzed mural depicting local coastal heroes enjoying a day in the life for the City of Laguna Beach, California; and, a colorful mural celebrating the region's agricultural heritage for the City of Upland, California.

Randy continues to innovate and create elegant bronze sculpture for individuals and organizations wanting to invest in an art piece like no other.